Saturday, July 3, 2010

Social Anarchy

I had a friend once talk to me years ago about the anti-piracy ads at the beginning of DVD's.You know the ones, where they're telling you what you wouldn't do?

He told me that simply being told he wouldn't steal a handbag, he wouldn't steal a car, he wouldn't steal a movie made him tempted to do it. He'd never had any motivation to steal anything before, but who's this dick head in the t.v. telling me what I would and wouldn't do?

I never forgot the conversation, because it made me laugh, but also made me wonder if he was right. How often do we do things just because we're told not to?

It's like the fruit in the garden on Eden, really. If you were told you could eat from any tree in the world, except one, and no one was looking, you'd want to sneak a bite, right?

Lately I've discovered my own anarchist. And it's all because of those stickers they put on the double toilet rolls in public toilets, telling you 'use this roll first.'

It started simply enough, I used the opposite roll they told me to. I mean, I have access to both rolls, and I have entirely no idea why one would be more important to finish first.

But then I got carried away. You can move those babies.

So here's my challenge to you my followers: Next time your in a public toot and see a double roll holder telling you what to do, show it who's boss and move the sticker across to the other roll.

It's probably the most rebellious, and most liberating thing you'll ever do.

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  1. Lucy,
    you're blog has allowed me to procrastinate.
    1/2 of me is eternally grateful...
    the other half loathes you, as now, after reading every single one of your postings, i have become aware of the mountain of homework i must now attempt to demolish!
    Thanks and No Thanks! :)