Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parenthood #101

I've been a mum for nearly two weeks now, so I believe I have a lot of advice to any of you out there deciding whether parenthood is for you:

1. My baby is the cutest in the world, so be prepared to spend the rest of your life disappointed you didn't get mine.
2. I'm really tired.
3. My hair is falling out. Not from stress, but because Shaun keeps eating it.
4. If you want to be favourite parent, you have to be prepared to work against the other parent/s.
5. Babies are expensive. Hidden costs = many.
6. Diarrhea is never fun. No matter how much you love your baby. And it smells really bad.
7. Sometimes you forget to feed them, and this makes you feel guilty.
8. No other cuddle will ever be as good as that from your baby.
9. You get to have lots of quality nap time.
10. Shaun is gorgeous, right? As is you don't have a puppy.


  1. Well i don't have a puppy but am a mum of 2 and can relate ;) I wish I had a puppy as gorgeous as yours :)

  2. omg I remember when I first got Charlotte! I think I cried after one week she was SO demanding!!! I dont know how to follow blogs yet btw hehe so you might have to add me!