Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hard Rubbish Week

Definitely my favourite part of Melbourne life, but this week hard rubbish has left me feeling a little sore.

See, on Monday, I was shopping with my friend Bek when I stumbled across a little piece of heaven. It was a bright purple, comfy as hell arm chair for $20. $20! bargain! I was so excited I rounded my boyfriend to come and collect it for me immediately. I took it home, so excited to show my housemates the treat I was to bring to their life.

It was magic. We all stood around the chair, admiring it, trying to fathom how somebody could discard it.

Well, whatever really. Because the next day I got a text from Tim, my favourite roomie, with a photo of a 3 seater sofa and 2 matching arm chairs discarded 4 houses down from us. I met him straight away after class and we took it home.

The problem was, now I felt ripped off for having paid $20 for my arm chair.

To make matters much worse, today when I set off down the street for a chocolate milk, I found not one, but 2 leather arm chairs waiting, no begging, for someone to take them home and love them.

Savers, go fuck yourself. I'm never paying money for your shit again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Friend Steve

Reasons why I like Steve:

1 - He looks like my brother, if my brother was better looking
2 - He always brings alcohol
3 - He doesn't get angry at me for going to bed early
4 - He gave me the best job in the world
5 - He lets me drink on the job
6 - He picks me up when I'm too drunk to figure out how to call a cab
7 - He keeps my secrets
8 - He has a silly little face
9 - He dances
10 - He always says 'yes'. Even to going sailing with his brother at 7am Sunday morning