Sunday, May 30, 2010

me and my bad luck

it's time for a tirade.

I am so done with people who always carry on about 'their bad luck'. No-one has bad luck, they are just stupid. I mean every one has bad luck from time to time, but if you put all your savings in an envelope in your handbag and leave it on the bar while you go to the toot, its probably going to be stolen. It's not 'your bad luck', it's your stupid head.

If you turn up late for work, drink on the job and leave abusive notes in the diary, you're probably going to be let go. It's not 'your bad luck', you're a fuck head.

My early christian development convinced me my words have the power of life and death. Speak bad luck over yourself, you'll be a twat. Decide things are going to go well for you, you'll make an effort to ensure that happens.

God they annoy me. Sort your life out. Karmas a bitch, but only if you were first.

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