Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I got paid today. I paid my rent, put some petrol in the car, donated some money to my friends fundraiser and bought some groceries. Got home, checked the balance.

I've got $14.94 left.

I figured I had two choices. One, transfer some money from my hard earned, very small savings account. Or two, see how far I can make my $14.94 go. I chose two.

It's going to be tough. I can't even remove that amount from an ATM. But I'm up for the challenge. 

Hell, my house is full of things I've previously spent money on. Food, clothes, entertainment. Tea bags, red lentils, tissues.

So I'm spending the next 7 nights making the most of my previous spendings. Anyone want to come watch DVD's with me this weekend? Or take the dog for a long walk?

Challenge set. Stay tuned.

PS I have the beginnings of a cold. I think the majority of the $14.94 will go on lozenges.


  1. Want me to send Madeleine over with some free lozenges and a back rub?

  2. Did you blow that $5.06 I sent you frivolously or invest it wisely?

  3. Robert - you're too kind offering up your daughter. I'll make sure she knows just how willing you were when I see her at the BBQ.

    Anonymous - I don't respond to comments sent after 2am in the morning because that's when all good dads should be in bed. And I doubt I comment posted at 2:45am is remembered by the poster anyway.