Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm kind of a nerd.

I am an education junkie. I danced out of my year 12 exams swearing "I'd never do that again". Then 6 months later I enrolled in TAFE. Then I got bored and went to Uni. Then I finished my degree, tried working for a bit, but got bored and went back to TAFE for something new.

I'm trying to appropriately set the scene for what I'm about to say.

I LOVE school. I LOVE learning. I love the feeling you get when you master something, or solve something, or finish something. I wrote a 62000 word novel in 6 months. I bloody love working hard and 'bettering myself'.

But there is something that I hate, more than anything. More than full-time work, and that's saying something.

Homework for the sake of homework.

Today, I have spent 4 hours searching for 'errors' in bad publications. I am required to submit a scrapbook of 40 spelling or grammar errors for 10% of my grade for the year.

Things I hate about this:
1 - It's tedious
2 - It's a waste of time
3 - I'm not learning a thing
4 - I'm having to read MX and the Leader and Twilight

After 4 hours, I have found 6 errors.

During my holiday in Queensland, I had a write a Newsletter for a pretend company. I had to write a book review for a pretend newspaper. My favourite waste of time assignment this year was a 5 minute presentation on a topic of my choice to an audience of my choice.

To prove my point to the teacher of just how dumb an exercise it was, I showed the class pictures of Shaun, my puppy. She didn't get the point. She gave me a distinction.

It's for this reason, and many more, I won't be spending next year in full-time education. I will continue to study, but only the classes that don't waste my time.

But I will miss the delights of AUSTUDY. Newstart is a bitch.


  1. I know what you mean. I love classrooms, hate homework. At least, homework that doesn't directly relate to me writing creatively.

    Is that searching for 'errors' for Writing and Editing skills? I remember having to do that.

  2. Acquiring valuable tools through valuable exercises or examples of Mickey Mouse teaching????
    George Bernard Shaw once said something like:
    Those who can do. Those who cannot teach. Those who cannot teach teach teachers and those who cannot teach teachers administrate